Our home base outdoors is in Lake Cowichan on Cowichan East Avenue.  This facility of 6 top quality courts was converted to pickleball through the support of the Town of Lake Cowichan and a private donor who paid to completely revitalize the old tennis facility.  This renovation was completed in June of 2017.

Schedule:  Starting in the spring, the club  plays every weekday morning from 9 AM until Noon.  The facility is available from 8 AM to 8 PM and request all players respect these hours of operation to minimize the impact on our very supportive neighbors.

If you are thinking about joining a drop-in game be sure to check out the Facebook page in case of cancellations. For details on upcoming events please check out the links. For a PDF printable game schedule and rules please see below.


During the winter months (typically mid-October through to April, we play primarily indoors at three facilities – Youbou Community Hall (3 courts), Honeymoon Bay Community Hall (3 courts) and the Mesachie Lake Community Hall (1 court).
These facilities are operated by the Cowichan Lake Recreation Center and each person pays an annual or prorated registration fee or a daily drop-in fee.

NOTE: The fees are separate from the Pickleball Club membership.

Indoors Pickleball Schedule

2018 Official Tournament Rule Book (IFP)

2018 Rule Revisions

Privacy Policy:

Your information is confidential and will be only used for the purpose CLPBC, PBC, and PCO for relative activities, events, and functions. At no point will we ever share your information with other parties for the use of marketing and/or advertisements. No credit card information is retained on our website databases.


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  • 59-57 Cowichan Ave, Lake Cowichan, British Columbia
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club

Further to the club's decision to suspend play, I want to clarify THE CLUB DOES NOT ENDORSE PLAY BY SMALLER GROUPS.
The facility is public and owned by the town. It is an individuals choice whether to play, and hopefully they clearly understand...

Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club

Just received notification that ALL pickleball at Mellor Hall in Duncan has been cancelled indefinitely. At this time, it did not specifically mention the Get A Grip Tournament but I suspect that will be announced soon.

Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club

Hi everyone

Due to the current situation with the Coronavirus our leadership team has decided to postpone the AGM planned for April 4th.

We will reschedule at a later date.
Thank you for your understanding.


Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club

The Cowichan Lake Pickleball Website may experience some down time today do to development work being completed. Once the work is completed we will make another post informing everyone. Thank you for your patience.

Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club

Terry Akiyama wins Gold in El Mirage

Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club

The outdoor courts are ready to go while the good weather lasts.