Our home base outdoors is in Lake Cowichan on Cowichan East Avenue.  This facility of 6 top quality courts was converted to pickleball through the support of the Town of Lake Cowichan and a private donor who paid to completely revitalize the old tennis facility.  This renovation was completed in June of 2017.

Schedule: Generally the club plays weekday mornings from 9 AM until Noon. Members also play on weekends. Outdoor play also occurs all year round depending on the weather. Players communicate on our members only Facebook Page. The facility is available from 8 AM to 8 PM daily. Please respect these hours of operation to minimize the impact on our very supportive neighbors.


During the winter months (typically mid-October through to April, we play primarily indoors at three facilities – Youbou Community Hall (2 courts), Honeymoon Bay Community Hall (3 courts) and the Mesachie Lake Community Hall (1 court).
These facilities are operated by the Cowichan Lake Recreation Center and each person pays an annual or six month membership fee. Booking is on-line. There are no drop ins.

NOTE: The fees are separate from the Pickleball Club membership.

2018 Official Tournament Rule Book (IFP)

2018 Rule Revisions

For more information about Indoor schedules, membership and registration see the link below or call Cowichan Lake Recreation Centre at 250-749-6742


Privacy Policy:

Your information is confidential and will be only used for the purpose CLPBC, PBC, and PCO for relative activities, events, and functions. At no point will we ever share your information with other parties for the use of marketing and/or advertisements. No credit card information is retained on our website databases.


Outdoor Drop in Schedule

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  • pickleballcowichanlake@gmail.com
  • 59-57 Cowichan Ave, Lake Cowichan, British Columbia
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Pickleball BC News

During the Current PHO Restrictions:

Singles Outdoors: can be played with any two players as long as you maintain the 3 m separation.

Outdoor Doubles:
Outdoor pickleball can be played by four members of the same household, without the need for 3 m separation.
Three members of the same household cannot play doubles as one member would be teamed up with someone outside of the household and 3 meters distancing would not possible on that side of the net.
Two members from one household can play against 2 members from another household as the 3 m distance requirement is controlled/maintained by the 7' Non-Volley Zone.

Club Covid Guidelines
Should you choose to play at the LC Outdoor Courts its imperative that you follow the posted guidelines established by our Club and Town of LC.
The new variant of Covid has a very high transmission rate. It’s especially important to keep your distance, sanitize your hands/ball/raquet and avoid gathering when not playing. Leave your bag outside of the courts.
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
From Pickleball BC

4 pm December 3, 2020

We are in receipt of the ORDER OF THE PROVINCIAL HEALTH OFFICER titled GATHERINGS AND EVENTS - December 2, 2020.

After clarification from viaSport pickleball doubles play is NOT permitted effective immediately.

There are two exceptions - youth under the age of 19 and high level athletic individuals.

These restrictions are being placed in response to recent COVID transmission activity surrounding adult sporting activity.

This restriction on doubles pickleball play applies to ALL pickleball play - indoor and outdoor - in the Province of BC - Pickleball BC members AND non members alike. Pickleball singles play is not restricted by the Order.

We ask that all Club Presidents reinforce this message by sending it out via their Club media mechanisms.

Questions, comments, concerns - reply to this email.

Walter Knecht Karen Watson
President Vice President
Pickleball BC Pickleball BC

Some clarifications:
Source of our information - first level is the PHO Orders, followed by viaSport translation to real sport life. We must follow both. We (Karen) was on a conference call with viaSport 1 pm today, with some 80 other sport representitives.
Who is high performance - quote from a PHO Order: " . .identified by Canadian Sports Institute Pacific as a high performance athlete affiliated with an accredited provincial or national sports organization . ."
Can I play singles if my Club organizes ? No organized play allowed
Me, my spouse, my kids one house OK? Order clarification says 3 max people.
High level does not refer to just your group of 4 players at 4.0 level, isolated or not
Play in contradiction of PHO and viaSport Orders, Guidelines and clarifications may void your PCO insurance coverage
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Our website is back up! Thanks Ryan Maizis for taking care of us!!
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Our website is down, (Aug.1st) Will post when we’re back. Sorry for any inconvenience
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Dear Members:
I would like to acknowledge the following members who volunteered their time and energy to do an absolutely outstanding job, in power washing the Cowichan Lake Pickleball Courts. We stated at 9:15am and finished at 4:00pm. Special mention to the ladies who also cleaned the nets!

Bob and Cathy
Veronica and Tom

N.B. The group picture shows the new Blower and Wet/Dry Vacuum, courtesy of the donation by Mosaic.

Tom Nannery
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Cowichan Lake Pickleball Club
Hello Everyone
The courts will be closed on Wednesday, June 3rd from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Tom Nannery and crew will be power washing the courts. Thanks for organizing the purchase of the new vacuum and rental of the power washer. And, thanks to all those members who have volunteered to help!